Frequently asked questions

Tundrex manufacturer has been researching and marketing
its products worldwide for more than 30 years.
Recommendations we provide are based on historic statistics
allowing the largest segment of users to obtain swift and
tangible benefits.
Tundrex is safe and flexible product. Each user could choose
his/her personal number of servings and regimen, which may result in
change of benefits delivered by the product. There is a large
segment of users who take Tundrex 1.1 for longer that
recommended course period of time or even continuously.

You could take Tundrex products with or without a meal.
There is no mandatory requirement.

Tundrex manufacturer has been researching and marketing
its products worldwide for more than 30 years. All natural,
chemical-free Tundrex has no known cases of overdose or
side effects. Less than 1% of users may exhibit intolerance to
the product’s ingredients – just discontinue use.

Yes, Tundrex is used by people of all ages, from newly-borns
to seniors. It supplies a good bacteria Bacillus Subtilis modern
people of all ages equally miss due to our "highly sanitized
lifestyles". This is a soil-based microorganism and we are
supposed to regularly replenish it in our bodies since it only
lives there for about 30 days at a time. With everything
around us being "triple-washed" "purified" "kills 99,9% of all
bacteria" nowadays, coupled with heavy use of antibiotics,
we all have low levels of this bacteria and miss the health
benefits it provides. The recommended dose is the same
regardless of age.
With the kids, we just suggest starting with 2 pills a day for a
couple of days making sure they do not exhibit any
unexpected allergies to the product's ingredients - corn,
potato, sugar (this is an extremely rare occurrence but we
always prefer to be on the safe side). Once you establish your
child is tolerant to the product ingredients, resume the 5 pills
a day regimen for the rest of the 50-capsule box...

Tundrex is a spore-based probiotic. It helps normalize
microbiome, improve metabolism and boost immune system.
These are primary, high-level benefits. Individual impact
could be unique for every user. Specific benefits reported by
the users included relief of chronic symptoms, defense
against existing and future infections, weight loss, better
physical performance and stamina, improved hair growth and
some other.

The product's ingredients include corn, potato starch, sugar
in addition to the probiotic bacteria in the spore form. The
capsule shell is made with animal gelatin. The shell is not
essential for the probiotic to work and it is easy to avoid
digesting the shell.

The shell is not essential for the probiotic to work and it is
easy to avoid swallowing the shell.
- No knife is needed.
- Put 2-3 ounces of water (juice, yoghurt) in a cup.
- Place a capsule over the cup holding it with both hands.
- "Un-twist" the capsule with your two hands apart and open.
- The probiotic powder will fall down into the water.
- Do not try dissolving the powder, let it float on the surface.
- Drink the water up. Light sweet taste.
- Throw the capsule away.

Tundrex is certified for 2-year shelf life at room temperature.
(it is a dry powder, not a liquid...)
No refrigeration is required.
It is safe to keep it on your kitchen counter or in the medicine
No problem with shipping in hot weather.

Tundrex manufacturer is not aware of any problems arising
from taking all-natural, chemicals-free Tundrex alongside
other supplements or medications. Taking Tundrex while
using antibiotics may lessen benefits delivered by the
Tundrex bacteria.

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