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Tundrex 1.1 is a high potency form of Bacillus subtilis bacteria (please scroll down for the supplement facts). 

Tundrex produces powerful natural antibiotics in the intestines, which make it particularly effective in balancing intestinal microbiota and boosting the immune system. This bacteria was used by ancient Egyptians and throughout human history in Africa and the Middle East.  The precursor to Tundrex was developed and tested 40 years ago in a military research center in the former Soviet Union.  The objective was to produce a universal product that could defend the general population against outbreaks of bacterial, viral, and/or fungal origin.

Four research centers collaborated on producing Tundrex.  Millions of dollars were spent by the former Soviet Union on clinical trials and developing a manufacturing process that delivers a potent form of Bacillus subtilis tailored for safe use by the general public.   Today, we work with one of those four research centers that developed the original Tundrex.  The center is based in a remote region of Siberia where nature has been pristine for centuries. This is where the original bacteria for Tundrex was sourced.

Tundrex was first widely used by the Soviet Army during the military campaign in Afghanistan in 1979-1989 to protect soldiers from bacteria and parasites of Afghanistan.  Since the product’s latest version came to market in 1995, its popularity has been growing steadily to encompass Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, China, and many Asian countries.

 Tundrex products complement each other:


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Bacillus    Subtilis   

Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens

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Tundrex 1.1 Supplement Facts:Tundrex 1.1 Supplement Facts

Allergy Warning Contains Sugar

Please be advised that our product contains small amounts of corn, potato, and sugar.

If you have a known allergy to any of these ingredients, please refrain from buying the product. 

Each capsule of the product contains 67 milligrams of sugar. The manufacturer did this to ensure the product’s shelf life of two years at room temperature.  Consuming one full 50-capsule box of Tundrex over a 5-10 day period will only add less than a teaspoon of sugar to your diet.